How A Bail Bondsman Can Help You Secure Your Release From Jail

Being arrested and put in jail can be a stressful and overwhelming experience. If you or a loved one has been arrested, one option for getting out of jail is by using the services of a bail bondsman in your area. A bail bondsman is a professional who can help secure your release from jail by posting bail on your behalf. Here are a few pointers on how the whole process works and what you can expect should you require the services of a bail bondsman for either your release or the release of a close loved one. 

Understanding How Bail Works

When an individual is arrested, they may be eligible for bail, which is a sum of money that is paid to the court in order to secure the release of the individual from jail. Bail is intended to be a guarantee that the individual will appear in court for their scheduled hearing. If they post bail and do not appear, then not only is the money forfeited (that is, the money goes to the state), but a warrant is issued for their arrest, and they will face additional charges and will likely never be allowed to use the bail system again.

The Role Of A Bail Bondsman

Bail can sometimes be far too high for individuals who do not have access to a lot of liquid cash, and so the only way to get it is through a third party: a bail bondsman. A bail bondsman will put up the cash for your bail, which will allow you to walk free until your court date. They usually require a percentage of the bail just so they know you can pay for their services but this is generally only a fraction of the total amount. Then, once the court case has been settled and a decision made, they will get their money back and charge a percentage of that amount for using their services. 

Benefits Of A Bail Bondsman

One of the main advantages of using a bail bondsman is that they can help an individual to be released from jail much more quickly than if they were to try to post bail on their own. Additionally, a bail bondsman can also help an individual to navigate the legal system and to understand the bail process, which can be confusing and overwhelming. This is only a brief look into what they can do for you, many counties have complex rules that a bail bondsman can help you with, and they generally take care of most of the paperwork.

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