3 Things To Do After Getting Bailed Out Of Jail

An arrest will require you to come up with money to pay for the bail needed for your release. Without paying this money, you will remain in jail until the judge releases you, and this could take months. If you do not want to sit in jail for months, you could hire a bail bonds professional for help getting out of jail, but if you use this method, you should aim to do the following three things when you get out of jail on bond.

Make the payments for the bail bond loan

If you could not pay the bail bond fee when you were released, you would have needed to put up collateral to satisfy the fee amount. The problem with this is that you will not get the collateral back until you pay cash for the full amount of the fee, which is around 10% of the bail amount in your case.

If you used collateral for this, you will need to work on making the payments necessary to the bail bond agent. If you have to work extra for this, you should. You should make sure you do this as soon as you can to get the debt out of the way and to ensure that you will receive your collateral back from the agency.

Hire a criminal defense lawyer

A second thing you will need to do at this time is hire a criminal defense lawyer. It is best to look for one around your area that offers services for the nature of the charges you are facing. If you are facing assault charges, for example, look for a lawyer that offers services with crimes like this. If you are facing DUI charges, look for a traffic violation lawyer to represent you.

Go to court

The third thing you should aim to do is attend your required court hearings. No matter what charges you are facing, you will probably have at least three or four court hearings you must attend. Attending these hearings is a vital step after being released on bail, primarily because you could end up back in jail if you miss just one court hearing.

During this time, it is also important to take all the necessary precautions to avoid getting into more legal trouble. Experiencing more legal trouble when out on bail could result in a lot more problems than you are already facing.

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