Quickly And Conveniently Obtain Cash Needed For A New Tire

Encountering a flat tire on your truck can happen at the most inopportune time and can cause a series of obstacles if you do not have enough money to purchase a replacement tire and need to transport yourself back to work and run some some errands. If your credit isn't the best and receiving a loan from a financial institution isn't possible, you have other choices to consider to obtain the cash you need to replace the damaged tire with a new one. 

Obtain A Short Term Loan Through A Payday Loan Company

A payday loan is designed to provide much-needed funds without taking a customer's credit into consideration and without placing stipulations on how money obtained can be used. If you choose to go this route, gather up your checkbook, your identification, and copies of your most recent paystubs. After arrviing at a payday loan company, approach a clerk and provide them with a monetary amount that you are in need of.

The clerk will tell you a service fee that you will be charged to receive the cash needed. This service fee will be added to the original loan amount so that you are responsible for one payment. After providing a clerk with documentation that proves that you bring in a steady stream of money, write a check for the amount that you will be required to pay back. The clerk will provide you with cash on the spot. On your next payday, your check will be cashed to satisfy the amount of money that you owe. 

Pawn An Item Of Value

If you own a valuable item that you do not currently use and do not mind leaving in a pawn shop for a short amount of time, pawning the item may be the choice that is right for you. Before doing this, call local pawn shops to find out if they are willing to accept the item that you own and to find out how much money you can obtain for the item. Some common items that are accepted by pawn shop owners are flat screen televisions, computers, jewelry, and rare coins.

Before you stop by a pawn shop, make sure that the item you are pawning contains all of the parts. After your arrival to the shop, allow the owner to inspect the possession you have brought in. The shop owner will fill out a slip and ask you to sign it. After you receive the cash requested, you will be given a receipt that will have a due date on it. Make sure that you pay the money and interest owed so that you can pick up your possession and bring it back to your home. 

For more information, contact a company like Cash Checks and Loans.

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